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Marble Surface

Solidworks and Blender Modeling

Here are featured some of the parts I have made in Solidworks and my best blender model. I have also modeled with SketchUp in the past and have a project coming up (with the European based NextGen Showcase) that will be done in AutoCAD.

Solidworks Models

Below are a few Solidworks models I made for a Solidworks class. I made a lot of parts for the class, including an entire nerf gun (part by part). However I think it's probably pretty boring to scroll through a bunch of parts that are pretty standard solidworks learning procedure so here's 5 as proof that I do know solidworks.


Below is a blender model I made of a flat ride as part of a competition in November of 2022. We were asked to not share anything about the theme or prompt of the competition, but this is my best blender work so it is shared here without context and with some of the telling scenic items removed. The flat ride takes place inside a ballroom, which includes crystalline decorations. While I helped design the vehicles, those were not modeled by me, but instead by a teammate. While it isn't the most incredible blender model, it was my first time learning the software and I'm proud of how I was able to produce this in a tight timetable while learning the software.

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