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Marble Surface

Blanche A Ames Elementary School

In the spring of 2020 I was asked to join a student consulting team regarding designs for a new elementary school being built in my town. My team was asked to develop plans for art pieces, historical signage, and green spaces for the school. Our team focused on placing the namesake of the school, Blanche A Ames, front and center. We wanted the school to communicate through these art pieces Blanche's core values: creativity, innovation, courage, and a respect for the natural world in an age-appropriate, interactive way.

We came up with a wealth of ideas, proposed a phased roll-out in order to fit a small budget, and got our ideas approved by the architects at Perkins Eastman who were in charge of designing the building at large. We then worked with these designers to incorporate our ideas into the final designs for the building.

We broke ground on the elementary school in March of 2021 and the building was opened in early 2023-- complete with the pieces I had worked on and pitched!

Initial Pitch Deck

We were given the work in progress architectural drawings of the building and had a few places where they had thought art might go pointed out to us. We went through these drawings and developed this pitch deck for how to best use the empty space in the building. The pitch deck also includes some suggested modifications to the original drawings (ex. the color scheme of the second grade hallway). I helped with the development of all the ideas, but most of my work was focused on the ramp timeline, the fountain, and the historical signage in the maker space.


The centerpiece of the school ended up being the timeline we developed as a way to use the empty space of the ramp in the cafeteria in a fun, unique way. I was proud of this idea, as this was not initially given to us as a space for art, nor was it suggested to us to include a timeline. Below is the concept art created by Perkins Eastman in collaboration with my team. While I can't claim credit for the fabulous art, the ideas and historical research (and choice of historical events) are my own. I am especially proud of our commitment to make the ramp interactive and engaging for our audience: elementary schoolers, while still keeping the ramp a beautiful centerpiece for the cafeteria.

Other Ideas

A large percentage of my team's ideas ended up being used in the final space and I am so proud of my team's collaboration efforts with the team at Perkins Eastman. Below are some photos taken of the school after opening in early 2023. I am so proud of my ramp timeline idea becoming the centerpiece of such a fantastic space!

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